Monarch Little League is a youth baseball and softball organization covering Louisville, Colorado, Superior Colorado, and surrounding areas.

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Rules Background:

Monarch Little League is a member of Little League International, Colorado District 2. As a result, we operate based on three levels of game play bylaws (rules) for baseball:


1. Little League International Rulebook

  • Institutes a new rulebook by January 1 every year.
  • These rules are the defacto standard for play if there are no district or local league bylaws.
  • These rules are in effect (override district and local bylaws) for All Star tournaments at the District, State, Regional, and National division levels.
  • Paperback versions of the rulebook are provided with each MLL baseball team equipment bag for AAA, Majors, Intermediate, and Juniors divisions.


2. Little League Colorado District 2 Bylaws

  • Institutes a new set of bylaws by April 1 every year. 
  • These bylaws outline more detail to the rules outlined in the Little League International rulebook.  
  • These rules are in effect for Interlock play and are typically used by the Majors, Intermediate, and Juniors divisons.


3. Monarch Little League Local Bylaws

  • Institutes a new set of bylaws by April 1 every year.
  • These rules outline adjustments to the District Bylaws or different details from the Little League International rulebook specific to items that work better for Monarch Little League as determined by the MLL Board of Directors.
  • These rules are in effect for play at the T-ball, Minors A, Minors AA,  and Minors AAA divisions. In seasons with enough local teams this can also be implemented at the Baseball Majors division.  
  • These rules can be obsoleted by the MLL board of directors if they believe its easier to work to the District 2 bylaws.


Playing Rules for Spring Season Baseball Divisions:


Playing Rules for Baseball All Stars Divisions:


Playing Rules for Fall Baseball Divisions:


Pitching Documents for use at AAA, Majors, Intermediates , & Juniors Divisions:


Rules Cheat Sheet